Photographing Dogs

Chuck in full jump for his ball.
Chuck in full jump for his ball.

Its not easy taking pictures of dogs. The best way to do it is to have the owner helping you but sometimes explaining to them what kind of shot you want might proof difficult…

I knew what kind of shot I wanted… Chuck is a very masculine and impressive looking dog (and I’m not saying it only because his mine) so i wanted to show him in full size jumping for his ball. I had the shot in mind all along I just needed the perfect spot…

For this shot i used my basic 18-55mm lens.  Camera set on shutter speed control (1/1200), f 22. The picture in here is as i took it – I haven’t put it trough Photoshop or any other Image editing program. Maybe I SHOULD…

I am lucky in a way because Chuck loves camera, so whenever I want to shoot him his cooperating perfectly…

Other dogs i shot sometimes get a bit hyper and want to “kiss the camera” so its difficult to shoot them…

What do you think about my picture? I am open to all comments and advice..

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